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We provide the structure for loft conversions. We can provide excellent loft extensions. We can provide an affordable loft conversion.

Welcome to the Useful Loft Company

The Useful Loft Company offer extremely high quality loft conversions and loft extensions in the Oxfordshire area. If you are based in Oxford, Witney, Banbury, Abingdon or Bicester, and are interested in high quality loft conversions, then feel free to contact us. We offer various types of loft conversions and loft extensions. If you are in need of an extra bathroom, bedroom, living room, etc, then we can help you out! We keep the loft conversion costs low, providing affordable solutions for our customers.

A unique approach for each loft conversion.

The Useful Loft Company has been successful in carrying out over 600 loft conversions in the last 20 years, and has used a step by step approach to each loft conversion, allowing the customer to decide how each stage will be carried out, and at what cost.

These stages are tailored around:

  • Creating the Space/ Floor/ and Stair Access only.
  • Completing the “Shell” with Windows/ Wall frames/ Doors.
  • Arranging the finishing of Heating/ Electrics and Plumbing/ with Insulation and Plaster.

Top loft extensions and conversions, guaranteed.

This successful formula has allowed quality loft conversions at reasonable cost, with at its heart the use of fully tried, tested, patented and approved architect developed “Gablespace Technology” - structural timber beams and solid timber floor structure. This structure can guarantee some top loft and attic conversions of fantastic quality. Our high standards mean that all our structures follow loft conversion regulations.

Interested in our loft conversions?

This unique approach of providing the base for loft conversions and loft extensions, is now becoming available through our developing franchise network to cover your area. We now hold franchises in Oxford, Witney, Banbury, Abingdon, and Bicester. So if you require a loft conversion, you can contact your nearest Useful Loft franchise by visiting the "contact us" page.

More about our loft conversions

Gallery Images

Loft Conversion Loft Conversions Example Top Loft Conversion

Our gallery page has some fantastic images, all of which show how much potential your loft can have. The Useful Loft Company will give your loft the base and structure it requires, in order to be transformed.

Examples of loft conversion and loft extensions
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